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An Okinawa Artist: My Story of Letting Go

I grew up in Okinawa, where I also got my start as an artist. Today I continue to live and work there, right out of my own studio in the city. Although my immediate surroundings may have changed some, I have remained consistent in my pursuit of art that is open and honest.

In my work, I strive to bear my inner life for all to see. I want to share what I am feeling as vibrantly and as clearly as I can, and I draw inspiration from all the colors around me. Anytime I paint, I want to get out of my conscious mind and let my subconscious thoughts and beliefs and perceptions flow outward, doing everything that I can not to constrain my creativity. In doing that, I believe that I can make art that more closely resembles life, art that I can be proud to call my own.

Painting, of course, is never about the picture that you get at the end: it's about the process! I want to be true to myself throughout my artistic process, judging nothing that comes from my hands. If it shows up on the canvas, then it means something to me, and that itself is valuable enough. Colors, contrasts, shapes: those are my subjects, and I find them endlessly engaging. I find joy while I am creating art, more than anything, and I believe fully in the power of letting go.

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Solo Exhibit: Seeking Serenity 

2020 March in Okinawa
Place: People’s Art Gallery(ピープルズアートギャラリー)

Working with the universe

2019 June in Okinawa

Joined art exhibit with Brittany Lampe! @Soranoe

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Etihad Modern Art Gallery: 8th Discover The One Japanese Art 2019 in Abu Dhabi

Agora Gallery: Modalities of Memory

2021 January-February in New York 


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“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

Greg Anderson

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